PVR Consumer Panel Privacy Policy

This simple document is intended to clarify the purpose for PVR’s consumer panel list PVR is a market research company. We exist for the sole purpose of helping our clients gain information and insight into their products and services.

  • PVR does not sell any products nor does it derive any income from selling personal information contained in our consumer panel.
  • Consumer information is always entered into our database with the permission of the individual. During the last 50 years we have been in business, PVR has built a panel of consumer information that is used to recruit our research projects. Anyone in our panel can remove their personal information at any time; however, doing so will severely limit their chance to participate in our research studies.
  • PVR is hired by clients to find people to participate in their research projects. The requirements for participation are always established by PVR’s clients. To help ensure the correct people are invited to participate, PVR will use both email surveys and personal phone calls. There are strict requirements with who can participate and PVR’s ability to meet these requirements influence repeat business.
  • The database that holds this information is housed in a separate and secure computer server. PVR doesn’t outsource the storage of consumer panel information. This helps keep the data more secure. As this is a constantly changing area, we are always investigating ways to make this data more secure.

It’s important to emphatically state that PVR does not release and will never sell any consumer information contained in its panel. If a consumer believes they have been contacted by someone other than PVR who might have had access to this information, they are encouraged to send this information directly to PVR.