Frequently Asked Questions

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What is market research and what is PVR’s role?

Market Research is a way companies use to get feedback from consumers. There are many methods to get feedback such as focus groups (small discussion groups led by a moderator), taste tests, one-on-one interviews, shop-alongs, online surveys, etc. Our clients make important decisions based on these research results. PVR is a research firm that provides an extraordinary facility where companies come to test products and panelists (that’s you!) to participate and provide feedback for an array of companies. You are always paid for your time when you participate, and your opinion(s) always count.

How do I signup to become a PVR Panel Member?

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Where do I go for PVR studies?

Most of our studies take place in our facility in Johns Creek, GA, but we occasionally have offsite studies in the Atlanta metro area.

PVR will always notify you of the location for all studies.

Where do I go to login to see if I can take a survey?

Click here: and enter in your Panelist ID and PIN. Please remember that you may log-in at any time to take surveys and view your scheduled appointment.

I forgot my Panelist ID and PIN, where can I find it?

Email PVR for any inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office at 770-232-0322 option 6 for technical support.

If you have received an email announcing an upcoming study, you will find your ID and PIN in the email.

Can I use my spouse’s, child’s or friend’s Panelist ID and PIN to take a survey?

No – you cannot use another person’s Panelist ID and PIN number.

If you take a survey under another person’s profile, and show up the day of the study, your name will not be on the list and you will be sent away without participating or an incentive.

If I do not see a study when I log-in, what does that mean?

All studies have age and/or participation requirements; if you don’t meet the initial requirements, the survey link(s) will not appear.

The study is completely recruited. Once a study has filled up, the link disappears.

Someone in your household is scheduled for the study. Only one person per household may participate per study.

You may have already taken the survey and disqualified.

Why can’t I call in to have PVR take me through the survey?

Our surveys are automated through the web and take more than a few minutes to complete. This allows you to schedule yourself at your own convenience.

What is the difference between pre-qualifying and qualifying for a study?

Pre-qualifying means that you have met certain requirements for a particular study, but you are not scheduled. A recruiter may call you to ask additional questions and schedule your appointment time. Qualifying means that you have meet all requirements that the client is looking for and you will have the opportunity to schedule yourself for that study.

Why am I never picked/qualified to participate?

Every client and study is different and therefore the people they look for differ each and every time, including purchasing behavior habits.

Past participation can be another reason for not being “picked or qualified”.

Other reasons include, but not limited to: when quotas are filled by ethnicity, gender, income, employment, marital status, etc.

Once you disqualify, you cannot retake the same survey.

Why ask personal questions?

Our clients look at target data to help how to market specific products/services. The information that you provide is only for research purposes and is held in strict confidence by PVR and our clients. If you refuse any specific information this can result in disqualifying for that particular study.

Can I be scheduled and participate in more than one study at the same time?

No, you cannot participate in more than one study at the same time.

You must wait 3 months before participating again.

Other studies such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc., require a 6 months waiting period.

The waiting period is up to the discretion of our client(s) as well as PVR Research.

What happens if I’m late?

If you are late to a study, you will be sent away without pay and your profile will be marked as “tardy” because clients have strict schedules that must be followed. If you are “tardy” 3 or more times, you will automatically be removed from the PVR Panel.

For example, in all taste tests, there are cook schedules as well as serving times that must be followed accordingly.

What is a re-screener?

A re-screener is a double check process the client uses that consists of a few questions from the survey you took and qualified for to ensure your answers are consistent.

If you do not qualify during the re-screening process or your answers are not consistent with your online survey, you will not be able to participate in the study and you will be sent without being paid.

Helpful Hints

Please read every survey question carefully and answer honestly. Most people who falsify their answers in attempt to qualify usually end up disqualifying.

Be patient, you will eventually qualify for a study and participate!

If you reach an “over-quota” announcement when taking an online survey, it means that your answers and/or demographics are currently filled. You have not disqualified, and thus are given the chance to take the survey again if we have cancellations.

When you log-in, click the survey link just once. If you double click, you will receive an error.

Do not copy and paste your ID and PIN into the login. Please type them in, or it will give you an error.

Keep your ID and PIN as a contact on your cellphone under PVR.

If you walk away from your computer or accidentally exit, the survey will “time out” and become an “incomplete survey”. Just click on the survey link, and re-take it.

You may cancel or change session times online; please read your options carefully when doing so. If you are participating in a focus group or one-on-one interview, please call 678-473-5009 to change your session time.

Anyone who cancels less than an hour prior to their scheduled session will be marked as a “no show.” 3 no shows or cancellations automatically removes you from the PVR Panel.

Always remember to refrain from smoking, eating, and chewing gum, consuming alcohol or other beverages at least 1 hour prior to taste tests.

Please remember to refrain from wearing any fragrances (lotions, perfumes, etc.) to any study.

Please arrive 15 minutes early as there is paperwork to fill out.

If you need directions to our facility, please click here:

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